Rebellion, Recompense, Reformation

Thus says The Lord of Hosts: I have stretched out My hand to this dying people, I have opened My mouth to speak to this lost and most wicked generation, a people who do always cover their ears and hide their faces. Behold, they draw back the hand from their Savior and run from the voice of their Redeemer, lest they be made to give an account. Indeed, they are wise in their own eyes, and from The Way they have altogether departed. For they are foolish and have not known Me, they are senseless and have no understanding; as it is written, they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge… Thus all I have purposed to do shall be done, it shall surely come to pass, and you, even you, O most wicked generation, shall be amazed! You shall be astonished and be horribly afraid! For I shall confound the multitudes, and the people shall be dismayed! Therefore run and hide, conceal yourselves in the clefts of the rocks and hide your faces! For the power of The Lord shall surely be put on open display!
For what is this generation to Me? Are you not a people exceedingly great in number, a people whose cities cover the face of the earth, like the stars fill the heavens? And though you build and make for yourselves a name, I shall surely throw down! For before Me is a generation whose wickedness is great, sins of every kind propagate in all the earth, a people whose every inclination is evil continually, a most rebellious people who do not cease from fighting against Me! Says The Lord.
Behold, not since the days of Noah,
When the wickedness of man was great in the earth,
Have I beheld a generation such as this!…

A people who are wise in their own eyes,
Who parade their whoredoms openly, without restraint;
A most vile people whose transgressions increase beyond measure,
Whose sin reaches unto heaven!…

Behold, they seek out evil to embrace it,
And the grave, that they might lie down in it!…

A so-called modern people who make for themselves laws,
That they might practice abomination freely,
Even to the murdering of the innocent, without fear of reprisal!…


Behold, they oppress the poor, and the right of the needy they do not defend; the widows and the fatherless are cast aside, and the meek are trampled underfoot!… Day and night you exalt yourselves, O sons of men! Every day you walk proudly in your rebellion, and every night you practice abomination! Shall you steal, kill, and destroy, for the sake of your own glory?! How long shall you bring forth only works of unrighteousness?! How long shall you run greedily for gain, fueled by your never-ending lusts?!… YOUR WICKEDNESS OVERFLOWS, A PEOPLE WHOSE COVETOUSNESS HAS NO EQUAL!
And what is this I have seen among all these people of faith, among all these multitudes who claim to be a people for My name? Behold, in My name they commit abomination, provoking Me to anger! In My name, they make great spectacles of themselves, as they twist the Scriptures for evil gain! In My name, they teach as doctrine the commandments of men, and lawlessness is widely accepted! THEY HAVE SURELY TAKEN THE NAME OF THE LORD IN VAIN!… Therefore, I shall turn their glory into shame! I shall make of them a desolation and their people an object of scorn, and they shall bear the reproach of all nations! Behold, I shall break all these unruly branches, for they can in no wise be grafted in! For I do not change.
Yet in My mercy, I set watchmen over them, and said to them, “Listen to the sound of the trumpet, heed the voice of The Living God, and embrace My correction.” For I do not change. But they said, “We will not listen, nor will we give heed, nor will we embrace The Lord’s correction. For we love our whitewashed palaces, and will never depart from these houses which are called by our name. Yes, we love the sound of our own voices, and we have brought glory to our name.”
Thus I shall continue to speak, I shall open My mouth in the former manner and speak to this generation; yes, I shall surely make My plans known and warn the people, I shall rebuke them sharply and declare all their wrong-doings, as in the days of old. For I do not change, says The Lord. Did I not speak in times past, by the mouths of all My servants, the prophets? Was I not also speaking to you, O foolish and deceived generation? Yet they would not give heed to My words, nor would they listen, and so all I had purposed to do to them was fulfilled… Thus upon you also will I bring all I have spoken by My servants the prophets, both the former and the latter, even to this day, because you also refuse to give heed to My words, nor will you listen, nor will you turn aside from your evil ways, provoking Me to anger! Says The Lord.

Therefore you, Timothy, must proclaim My words, both the former and the latter. You must blow the trumpet and warn the people. For as I had spoken by My servant of old, so also do I now speak by you…

Thus says The Lord, to the generation of His wrath: The Lord shall roar from Heaven and thunder from His holy dwelling place; He shall roar mightily against His people! He shall give a shout like one who treads grapes, and rebuke all the inhabitants of the earth! All the peoples of the earth shall hear Him; the sound of His voice shall echo in all the earth!
For The Lord has a controversy with the nations,
He shall pass judgment on all mankind,
And the wicked shall be handed over to the sword!…

Behold, disaster shall go forth from nation to nation,
And a great storm shall be raised up from the uttermost parts of the earth;
On that day, the slain of The Lord shall be from one end of the earth to the other…

Yet they shall not be lamented, or gathered, or buried;
They shall become as refuse upon the ground.

Therefore wail, all you shepherds! Wallow in the dust and cry aloud, all you leaders among men! For the days of brokenness have come upon you, and the Day of Slaughter is about to come in! For I will surely break you; like a clay pot, you shall fall and shatter upon the ground! The shepherds shall be unable to flee, and the leaders shall have no escape! The wailing of the shepherds shall be great, and the cry of the leaders shall resound in every nation! For The Lord shall plunder their pastures, and the peaceable dwellings shall be cut down! Says The Lord in His fierce anger.
Therefore, prepare in the desert the way of The Lord! Make a straight path in these dry and parched lands for The Holy One of Israel! Let every valley be exalted, and every mountain and hill brought low! Let the crooked places be made straight, and the rough places smooth! For The Glory of The Lord shall be revealed, and all people shall behold it together! For I do not change… Behold, by the light of His coming shall the guilt of the wicked be clearly shown! For by the words of their own mouths they have surely condemned themselves, and by their evil deeds have they secured their places in the Valley of Slaughter! What was unseen shall be seen, and they shall all fall down! The children of disobedience shall fall on their faces, and the unbeliever shall weep for his soul; the high-minded abased, the arrogant cut down! For great recompense shall come forth and be placed upon the shoulders of all who must bear it, for this generation has proven themselves fully worthy! Behold, they have kindled the fire of My anger, thus the heat of My indignation shall burn continually, until they are utterly consumed! Says The Lord.
Why does the heathen rage and shake his fist toward Heaven?
Behold, he shall fall with none to catch him, and great shall be his fall!…

Yet the one who reaches for Me shall be lifted up,
And the one who extends the hand shall know My dwelling place…

For as it is written:

Whoever has, to him more will be given,
And he shall have an abundance…

But whoever does not have,
Even what he has shall be taken away…

Until the Time of Reformation is complete, says The Lord. Call banner8

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Is Saturday the Sabbath? Should we still keep it according to Commandment #4?

GraceHead Blogs

This Bible study contains Biblical and Historical Evidence including:

-25+ Bible Verses
-Old Testament Evidence: God Commanded His People To Keep the Sabbath
-New Testament Evidence: YahuShua (Jesus) The Messiah Honored the Sabbath, even in death
-The word for Saturday in other languages is a variation of Sabbath
-The Calendar Has Remained Unchanged
-Why and When the Sabbath Was Moved to Sunday, the First Day of the Week
-Confessions From Clergyman
-Letter from God regarding the Sabbath and the Law

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▶ For God’s Glory, All Things That Are and Were Created Were Created by His Knowledge… – YouTube

▶ For God’s Glory, All Things That Are and Were Created Were Created by His Knowledge… – YouTube.

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The Sabbath Was Made for Man and not Man for the Sabbath

The Sabbath Was Made for Man and not Man for the Sabbath

1/24/13 From The Lord, Our God and Savior – A Letter Given to Jayse and Timothy, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

On the Sabbath do those things which are pleasing in My sight, that we may be glad together. Come to Me and receive peace, for in Me shall you find rest, says The Lord YahuShua. My son, give ear to My speech, and let your heart leap for joy in My presence. For I made the Sabbath for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Yet very few understand its true purpose, nor can any comprehend the full scope of its meaning until the day they enter in. Therefore be blessed in the Sabbath, for it is indeed a blessing.

My son, as I rested on the seventh day so shall you rest also,
That I may bless you and sanctify you,
Even as I had blessed and sanctified the seventh day from the beginning…

A day set apart and holy…

Even as those in whom I dwell are set apart and holy.

Remember the Sabbath therefore, and consider with eager expectation, see with greater eyes; for a day in The Lord is as a thousand years!… My son, follow Me, walk in My footsteps, and you shall be blessed indeed! For the servant who walks in My ways shall know Me, and the disciple who rests in Me on the Sabbath Day shall have peace. For the Sabbath is more than rest, and the Commandment more than peace. Thus the faith of those who obey The Commandments is revealed, and shall soon come to completion, for union is near!
My son, rest is good for the body and for the mind, yet even more blessed are those who rest in The Lord, for theirs is rest for the soul. For peace is in the knowing, that I AM WHO I AM. And upon this foundation shall My servants find rest, even healing which flows like a river. For the truth of who I am heals the broken-hearted and revives the soul. For those who lay their burdens at My feet shall be nourished in My love, and those who trust in Me without reservation shall be satisfied, for I am enough… Behold, I am The Living Bread which came down from Heaven, The Fountain of Living Waters!

Therefore come to Me on the Sabbath Day, and eat!
Abide in My presence, and drink!
Seek My face, beloved, and be set free!…

Let worship fill your hearts, as your lips burst forth with praise!
Let thanksgiving fill your mind, as you bow down to pray!
Beloved, reveal your love and withhold not!…

My son, come and dwell in the joy of The Lord,
For I am with you, says The Lord your Redeemer.

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Those Things That Must Shortly Take Place

Those Things That Must Shortly Take Place

11/20/04 From God The Father – A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

I am The Lord your God, I am The Only God, and to you I speak this day of those things which must shortly take place. For the tide has turned, and those married to this world have forsaken Me. They have turned away and fight against Me, yet I shall surely turn many back again. And though they are a very hard-hearted generation, a very foolish and deceitful generation, who say, “God is dead, and The Christ only myth”… Behold, I shall turn them back again!

Therefore I say, to this most wicked and adulterous generation: Know you not, that vipers have latched onto you?! Behold, every manner of snake has filled you with poison, and soon you will be devoured and find yourself in the belly of the beast!… Therefore fear, I say! Fear! For vipers are already among you, and the beast waits eagerly to devour you! Yet understand this: The beast fears also. At his very heart he trembles, for he knows I am coming down.

Behold I am coming down!…

To speak to those of this wicked generation, who say I am dead,

To show them the mighty hand of God!…

For I shall divide the heavens

And shake the earth with My voice!

Behold! This generation has awakened a sleeping giant! To wrath and to judgment have they awakened Him! For His anger burns hot!… Seven-fold does it burn! For seven years I shall pour out judgment, and My fierce anger shall be revealed in all the earth! Then they shall know, I AM THE LIVING GOD, shattering every doubt! Then shall the division be made clear, and much rebellion shall ensue!

Peoples of the earth, turn to Me or against Me, for the truth of My being is beyond all argument!… Choose, I say! Choose!… For not one, who dwells upon the earth, will remain in ignorance of Me or My Word in that day! All will know, I AM THE LORD!

And when the time of choosing is ended, and the death of the saints is finished, those who remain true to the beast will gather together against My holy city, to fight against The King and make war. Then shall The Son of Man appear, in full power and great glory, coming upon the clouds! And His saints do follow Him! For His power is the power of God! And His glory, an all-encompassing fire!… Woe to all those who gather together to fight against Me! They shall be consumed in the brightness of His coming and slain with the sword of His mouth! For He has cleansed the earth with His blood… And by the blood of evil men will He finish it!

Therefore, let this be a sign unto you:

First, the reaping of all who belong to Me.

Then shall I shake the very foundations of the earth,

To loose yet even more harvest.

Then shall I wipe the slate clean, it is finished…

Behold, a New Day!


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Sacred Cow…

Sacred Cow...

120 BIBLICAL reasons NOT to celebrate Christmas if you are a Christian

We Don’t Celebrate Christmas Because . . .
. . . the LORD condemns using pagan religious practices in His worship (Deut 12:29-31).
. . . the LORD condemns adding to or taking away from His commandments (Deut 12:32).
. . . the LORD condemns doing anything under green trees in His worship (Deut 12:1-4).
. . . the LORD condemns the heathen use of decorated trees at a solstice (Jeremiah 10:1-4).
. . . the LORD commands us to separate from and not touch pagan religion (II Cor 6:14-18).
. . . the LORD commands us to come out of Roman Catholicism and her sins (Rev 18:4).
. . . the LORD condemns turning to the left or right from His commandments (Deut 5:32-33).
. . . the LORD told the apostles to teach us to observe only His commandments (Matt 28:20).
. . . the LORD rejected David’s worship for a small detail and killed Uzzah (II Sam 6:1-10).
. . . the LORD rejected and killed Nadab and Abihu for offering different fire (Lev 10:1-7).
. . . the LORD rejected Moses from seeing Canaan for a slight modification (Num 20:12).
. . . the LORD rejected Cain’s worship simply for bringing an alternative sacrifice (Gen 4:7).
. . . the LORD rejected Saul forever for noble intentions in a modification (I Sam 15:22-23).
. . . the LORD rejected Uzziah and gave him facial leprosy for a new idea (II Chr 26:16-21).
. . . the LORD rejected and killed Ananias and his wife for fudging a large gift (Acts 5:1-11).
. . . the LORD requires reverence and godly fear in worship to avoid His fire (Heb 12:28-29).
. . . the LORD seeks true worshippers to worship Him in truth, not superstition (John 4:23-24).
. . . the LORD commands us to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered (Jude 1:3).
. . . the LORD requires us to esteem all His precepts but to hate all other ideas (Ps 119:128).
. . . the LORD commands us to prove all things by Scripture and reject the bad (I Thes 5:21).
. . . the LORD expects us to be noble and search Scripture to know true worship (Acts 17:11).
. . . the LORD gave Scripture to perfect us, which does not mention Xmas (II Tim 3:16-17).
. . . the LORD curses any gospel different than Paul’s, and he didn’t preach xmas (Gal 1:8-9).
. . . the LORD condemns fellowship with men having only a form of godliness (II Tim 3:5).
. . . the LORD condemns loving pleasure more than God as perilous times (II Timothy 3:4).
. . . the LORD condemns anything different from His Word as dark ignorance (Isaiah 8:20).
. . . the LORD abominates anything popular with the world and esteemed by it (Luke 16:15).
. . . the LORD condemns friendship with the world as becoming His enemy (James 4:4).
. . . the LORD condemns traditions in His worship as evil and vain hypocrisy (Mark 7:5-13).
. . . the LORD hates the polluting of His glorious name with pagan idolatry (Ezekiel 20:39).
. . . the LORD condemns the superstitious idolatry and blasphemy of the Mass (I Cor 11:26).
. . . the LORD condemns bringing any item of false religion into our houses (Deut 7:25-26).
. . . the LORD commands us not to set up any image, which He hates (Deut 16:22; Ex 20:4-6).
. . . the LORD hates religion that goes under green trees (I Kings 14:23; Isaiah 57:5; Jer 3:6).
. . . the LORD condemns adopting any practices of the pagans around us (Leviticus 18:1-4).
. . . the LORD condemns sun worship (Deut 4:19; 17:3; II Kgs 23:5; Job 31:26-28; Eze 8:16).
. . . the LORD endorses only apostolic traditions, and they never celebrated it (II Thes 2:15).
. . . the LORD is honored by gifts to Him rather than a selfish exchange of gifts (Matt 2:11).
. . . the LORD teaches us to remember His death rather than His birth (Phil 3:10; I Cor 15:3).
. . . the LORD gave baptism and His supper to remember His death (Rom 6:3-5; I Co 11:26).
. . . the LORD resents the hatred of pagans who exchange gifts against His men (Rev 11:10).
. . . the LORD condemns “the spirit of Christmas” as another spirit He hates (II Cor 11:1-4).
. . . the LORD condemns a mother and child wearing halos as another jesus (II Cor 11:1-4).
. . . the LORD condemns a tradition glorifying sun worship as another gospel (II Co 11:1-4).
. . . the LORD loves us to give up dear things as proof of our love to Him (Matt 10:37-39).
. . . the LORD did not come to bring peace on earth but rather a dividing sword (Mat 10:34).
. . . the LORD blessed giving over receiving, but Xmas is selfish exchanging (Acts 20:35).
. . . the LORD calls Jewish holy days matters of liberty, but not pagan holidays (Col 2:16).
. . . the LORD calls Jewish holy days matters of liberty, but not pagan holidays (Rom 14:6).
. . . the LORD considers the birth of His Son worthy of honor rather than folly (Heb 1:6).
. . . the two chief New Testament ordinances – baptism and the Lord’s supper – pertain to His death, not His birth.
. . . celebrating Christmas sincerely is identical to Jeroboam’s two calves (I Kings 12:26-33).
. . . Aaron led Israel to worship the LORD with a golden calf to their judgment (Ex 32:1-5).
. . . it breaks the first commandment by having other gods – the sun god Mithra (Ex 20:3).
. . . it breaks the second commandment by having images – a Christmas tree (Ex 20:4-6).
. . . it breaks the third commandment by taking His name in vain – “Christmas” (Ex 20:7).
. . . it breaks the fifth commandment by promoting children’s greed over parents (Ex 20:12).
. . . it breaks the tenth commandment by promoting covetousness to children (Ex 20:17).
. . . many Baptist martyrs gave their lives to oppose Catholic superstitions and traditions.
. . . it was a crime to observe Christmas in America, when our country truly feared God.
. . . it was a crime to observe Christmas in England, when that country truly feared God.
. . . all the God-hating, Christ-denying, and sin-loving pagans get excited about this day.
. . . Santa Claus is a pagan mockery of God the Father with white hair, grandfatherly image, eternal, lives in the North, unlimited resources, omniscient of children’s behavior, omnipresent for a night, hears confessions, comes as a thief, blesses children, and distributes judgment for works.
. . . the name Christmas came from “Mass of Christ,” and Christians hate the Catholic mass.
. . . every sincere birthday party honors the one born that day rather than all the mere guests.
. . . a gift exchange dictated by a calendar is not a message of love but a ritual of obligation.
. . . a gift exchange at the winter solstice was invented by pagans to celebrate the sun god.
. . . Christianity is giving gifts unexpected without obligation to reciprocate (Luke 14:12-14).
. . . secular encyclopedias will gladly tell you that Christmas came from pagan sun worship.
. . . the first state in our Bible-oriented country to make it a holiday was Alabama in 1836.
. . . a little drummer boy did not travel to the manger to play his drum for the infant Jesus.
. . . for the two centuries following the Pilgrims, Christians in America called it “popish.”
. . . English parliament under Oliver Cromwell outlawed it in 1644 and punished violaters.
. . . loving Jesus Christ is keeping His commandments, not decorating a tree (John 14:15).
. . . you cannot do unto the LORD what the LORD has condemned (Deut 12:1-4; 12:29-32).
. . . Christmas is not a matter of liberty left up to our consciences and/or heart preferences.
. . . true followers of God will not follow a multitude or majority to false worship (Ex 23:2).
. . . Xmas is most adored by women, whom God calls silly and weak (II Tim 3:6; I Pet 3:7).
. . . a time of unbridled greed, covetousness, and materialism cannot honor Jesus Christ.
. . . this unique holy day in the Roman Catholic calendar is exalted by three profane masses.
. . . the world loves a jesus helpless in a manger, but God’s Christ is the LORD and Judge.
. . . on Christmas Eve the Pope of Rome conducts a special mass seen by much of the earth.
. . . godly parents don’t lie to their children about a Roman Catholic myth named Nicholas.
. . . the Bible is totally silent about using this day or any such celebration to honor Christ.
. . . the gospel according to Christmas tradition, cards, and plays corrupts the Bible facts.
. . . the Pilgrims in 1620, seeking to worship God in truth, formally banned the holiday.
. . . the Puritans in 1659, seeking to worship God in truth, set a 5 shillings fine for keeping it.
. . . the modern Christmas tree was not introduced to this country by Germans until 1821.
. . . Jesus was not born in December, for one-half year back from Passover is rather October.
. . . Jesus was not born in December, for shepherds did not stay in the fields during winter.
. . . Jesus was not born in December, for taxation would not have been in the dead of winter.
. . . Jesus was not born in December, for wise taxation would have been shortly after harvest.
. . . Jesus was not born in December, for careful calculation of the priest’s courses exclude it.
. . . the Roman feast at the winter solstice was to the sun god Mithras from the Persians.
. . . the Roman, extended feast prior to the winter solstice was to Saturn, god of agriculture.
. . . so many consider Christmas a “sacred cow” and beyond questioning or condemning.
. . . our past lives suffice us for lusts, excess of wine, revellings, and banquetings (I Pet 4:3).
. . . Emperor Aurelian picked December 25 for this holiday in 274 to worship the sun god.
. . . pagan sun worshippers had a great festival to the sun at the winter solstice before Jesus.
. . . it would be wrong to have a golden calf with candles to worship the Lord our Strength.
. . . the public schools in Boston were still open for classes on December 25 as late as 1870.
. . . the “birthday of the invincible sun” (dies natalis Solis invicti) was this date in Rome.
. . . December 25 was chosen by being the date of the winter solstice in the Julian calendar.
. . . Satan uses this pagan feast to steal glory from the Son of God for ignorant sun worship.
. . . Christmas American-style is oppression of parents by greedy children (Isaiah 3:1-5, 12).
. . . Jesus promised that the majority are on the wrong road leading to death (Matt 7:13-14).
. . . Charles Spurgeon, the most popular Baptist minister, preached against it as late as 1871.
. . . all the unique customs of Christmas may be traced individually to pagan religious rites.
. . . Hindus, Jews, Mormons, Pagans, and other cults celebrate it while despising Jesus.
. . . using Scripture’s silence to justify anything not expressly forbidden will lead to Coke and chips for the Lord’s supper and ouija boards for difficult decisions.
. . . it creates the most foolish, hectic, stressful, guilt-ridden, and unproductive time of year.
. . . the LORD is a jealous God and will judge any playing with other gods (Ex 34:12-16).
. . . New Testament charity may accommodate weakness, but it cannot error (Romans 14:1).
. . . the moderation taught in the New Testament is temperance or self-discipline (Phil 4:5).
. . . it would be identical to offering incense to the brasen serpent of Moses (II Kings 18:4).
. . . the only day observed by the apostles was the Lord’s day (Rev 1:10; Acts 20:7; I Cor 16:2).
. . . we choose to emulate Jacob, who put away family idols to worship God (Gen 35:1-5).
. . . we choose to emulate Jehu, who defiled Baal worship to please God (II Kings 10:26-28).
. . . we choose to emulate Josiah, who defiled all pagan worship to please God (II Kings 23:1-37).
. . . we choose to emulate Asa, who defiled his mother’s favorite idol (II Chron 15:12-16).

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